About us

Indeswittec S.L

Indeswittec SL is dedicated to research of new products and services related to safety & security of humans, devices and systems en many aspects of human activity.

With the operative experience from octuber of 2009, Indewittec designs, tests and commercializes technologies dedicated to private companies and national administrations, Indewittec’s technologies are either commercialized by us or licensed or transferred in those regions of the world where associated companies or national administrations would be interested to exclusively or un-exclusively implement or commercialize.


The main sector to which Indeswittec’s technologies are directed are:

  • Health

  • Aeronautical

  • Maritime / Shipbuilding

  • Environmental

  • Automotive


Indeswittec`s team is formed by specialists in conceptual design and practical implementation of technological solutions created to optimize the resolution of operative inconveniences or problems in the sectors mentioned before.
With its capacity to design technology-based solutions, Indeswittec anticipates its solutions to its clients in the mentioned activity sectors as well as licenses/transfers its internationally patented technology.