Intelligent management

of medication

What is Smart Pill Control?

Smart Pill Control is an innovative system of medication management that lets pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, maintain complete control over the medication assigned to each patient.  


This device lets the administrators program the doses for a complete month and maintains an exhaustive record of treatment. It monitors the refill times, reminds the patient of the appropriate time for each new take, and forwards the information to the corresponding professional to update the medical history.  

Comprehensive system

Our equipment 

Ergonomic handle

You can take it anywhere 


dose dispenser 

The correct dose each time

Micro USB port

Charges the device and downloads the stored data 

Integrated video camera 

Video calls, facial recognition, and QR reader

Touch Screen

Video calls, programs medication release

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 Complete control of medication





Monitors the

refill needs 


Easy transportation

and light weight 




Benefits for the health

care professional  

3 cups


3 cups


Absolute control

over medications

The Smart Pill Control technology has been developed to execute an exhaustive control of medication. Its exclusive software stores data, and creates a comprehensive historical report useful for the health care professional.


Its camera facilitates the identification of pharmacists, dispensed medicine and keeps track of doses and dates.

Preventive health care: prevents self-medication

Thanks to its exclusive identification system, Smart Pill Control only allows the appropriate health care professional or person authorized as a family member or caregiver to administer the refills; it helps avoiding under-medication and self-medication, problems that unfortunately grow every year thanks to its anti-forcing system.


Pharmacists can program the doses for a complete month setting day, time and amount matching the prescription. Each dose is stored in an individual compartment that warranties its optimal conservation until it is dispensed to the patient.



Monitoring and verification of medication

Smart Pill Control is designed to integrate micro-cameras with led lights in each medicine storage compartment allowing for detailed control of medication entering and leaving the system.  

The cameras will be managed by an image analysis software allowing:

  • Identification of shape and characteristics of medication entering the system.

  • Differential count of medications.

  • Verification of correct amounts of new medications.  

  • Warning alerts for possible error in dosage.

  • Visual verification of the user’s medication extraction

  • Visual registry of processes to facilitate the auditing of the system.

  • Remote validation by the Doctor or Pharmacologist on the contents of each compartment.

Benefits to the patient 

2 tbsp.


1½ cups


Remember when to take your medication anywhere

Its intelligent system reminds the patient of the appropriate moment for the next intake: it activates an alarm that also connects to your smartphone sending you notifications anywhere. 



Stop worrying about

your medication

  • The internal mechanism organizes the medication for a complete month giving the user the correct dose for each take during the day.


  • The system opens the correct compartment and the patient gets the corresponding dose efficiently.


  • Smart Pill Control prevents errors in the intakes; the patients do not have access to all the medication at once.

3 cups



Connect with

your doctor and

other patients  

The system can place video calls putting pharmacists, doctors, and patients in direct personal contact. The health care professional can verify if the medication is consumed appropriately and the user can consult with the pharmacist and the doctor.


Thanks to its technology, the system can create a network of patients allowing them to share comments and discuss their experiences with their treatments.    



“To learn is my dream, to invent is my passion”- José María Santiago

Investment oportunity

Smart Pill Control bears an international patent. The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking to reach new markets with innovative products. 


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