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Smart Pill Control

Smart Pill Control is an innovative system of medication management that lets pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, maintain complete control over the medication assigned to each patient.  


This device lets the administrators program the doses for a complete month and maintains an exhaustive record of treatment. It monitors the refill times, reminds the patient of the appropriate time for each new take, and forwards the information to the corresponding professional to update the medical history.  


Save Dummy Rescue

Save Dummy Rescue is a dummy including location system to assist rescue operations of people and vessels. Its system is designed for all types of activities in the maritime and aeronautical sector in rescues or collisions. Save Dummy Rescue has been designed with the physiognomic characteristics of a human being that stays in the same buoyancy and derives that a body would follow. 
Thanks to its geolocation system, it constantly emits a signal to be located while serving as a buoyancy element in case someone has fallen into the sea.



Salvatermic is an insulating and heating device applicable to any type of water or work clothes.

It is composed of a series of containers connected to each other by distribution conduits that connect to a gas tank and an activation system.


These containers, once inflated, fit the body of the user in such a way as to prevent or minimize the entry of water into the garments that protect the wearer. The bags contain reagents that react exothermically to maintain body temperature in case of shipwreck.





Lovea JSMF

Device for locating crashed flying vehicles. In addition to having the flight data record, before a state of emergency of the airplane, it is ejected emitting at the moment GPS signals.


The system floats in case it falls into the sea and in case of danger ejects aluminum sheets that once in the air make up a metallic cloud easy to detect.


Anti-gliding accessories

Device for automatic mounting of anti-slip on car wheels.


In adverse conditions such as snow or ice, the user activates this novel system from inside the car through a switch.


The device is activated while the car moves back at a low speed to adjust the anti-slip to the wheels.

Investment oportunity

Indeswittec bears international patents. The rights to exploit its patents are available for negotiation or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking to reach new markets with innovative products. 


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